Attention School Counselors…MA Model 2.0  is here!

The MA Model 2.0 writing team has been hard at work updating and refreshing the existing MA Model 1.0 document.  The Foundation, Accountability, Management and Delivery sections have been enhanced to include current references, appealing graphics and helpful examples and templates for counselors to use in their practice.  The final MA Model 2.0 document was released at the 2017 MASCA Spring Conference.  

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MA MODEL Resources

 MARC Jr. recognition

2015 MARC and MARC Jr. Award Winners 

Left to right front row: Betsy Dolan, Emily Krems, Maria Paoletti, Karen Hidalgo;
Back row: David Elsner, Karen McCrillis, Dr. Helen O'Donnell, Beth Fortin,
Kate Salas, Keith Westrich, Kara Melillo.

Additional MARC/MARC Jr. Award Pictures and Institute participant photo

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The Foundation, Management, Delivery and Accountability materials were developed by MA Model Institute participants who gave permission for their materials to be shared. Please cite sources if you fine material that is helpful in your practice.   

Helen C. O'Donnell, Ed.D  MA Model Institute Trainer
Inquiries about resources and Institute Training sessions: or

TABLE OF CONTENTS (updating continues)

MA Model 2.0 [pdf] 39 pages

MA Model 1.0 for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs [pdf] 33 pages

Painting the Picture: MA Model Guide 12/2007 [doc]

ASCA National Model 3.0 Executive Summary [pdf]

ASCA National Model [PPT]


1. Overview Materials

  • Former Commissioner David Driscoll's Leadership Summit Slides [ppt]
  • MA Model is like a good Lasagna [ppt] by Karen DeCoster, former MASCA DESE Liaison 


2. Foundation Materials

  • MA Model Institute Participant Mission Statements - A collection of statements from 2007-2015 [HERE]  


3. Management

  • The Massachusetts Model System for Educator Evaluation - Click [HERE] for DESE link
  • DESE School Counselor Evaluation Rubrics: Appendix D: " Specialized Instructional Support Personnel Rubric" (SISP) [PDF]
  • Smart Goals coming soon
  • DDM's coming soon
  • Program Assessment: A Massachusetts Self-Study (pdf) (Carol Dahir, Ed.D and MA MODEL 2.0 Institute Students) 
  • Closing the Gap Action Plan Worksheet [doc], Sample Data [doc], Writing Action Plans Using the ASCA National Model [PPT], Closing the Gap Action Plan [xls
  • Eric Sparks, Fall 2007 Keynoter, Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your School or District to Implement the ASCA National Model [PPT
  • School Counselor Appraisal Instrument [pdf]
  • School Counselor Appraisal/Evaluations-Other States [HERE]


4. Delivery  


Student Learning Standards Alignment Links:

  • ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success [HERE]
  • MA Career Development Education (CDE) Benchmarks Guide [doc
  • MA CDE Benchmarks to MassCIS Resources Crosswalk [doc]
  • National Common Core Standards (CCSS) [HERE
  • DESE MA Curriculum Frameworks [html] 
  • Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) [HERE]
  • CASEL Guide 2013: Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs. [PDF] Retrieved from
  • National Social and Emotional Competencies [HERE
  • Social and Emotional Competencies: 21st Century Skills [doc
  • 21st Century Skills Overview & Framework [HERE]
  • Implementing the Common Core Standards: A School Counselor’s Guide [pdf]


5. Accountability


Massachusetts Accountability Report Card (MARC)

The MARC is a continuous improvement document that gives a school counseling program an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to achieving measurable student outcomes related to a district's goals and a way to effectively communicate results to the school community.


  • MARC of Excellence Rubric [doc], MARC Checklist [pdf]MARC Document Template [doc]

MARC School Samples  

  • Belchertown [doc], Blackstone [doc], Brighton High School [doc] - accompanying powerpoint [ppt], Monson High School [doc]Turners Falls High School/Great Falls Middle School [pdf], Foxborough Regional Charter School [pdf]

 Massachusetts Accountability Report Card (MARC Jr.)

The MARC Jr. is designed to be a simpler, introductory document to the process and requirements of MARC and to assist school counseling programs in working up to completing a MARC and applying for a MARC of Excellence award. The MARC Implementation Guide (above) is a useful resource for the MARC Jr.

MARC Jr. Templates

  • MARC Jr. Rubric [pdf], MARC Jr. Checklist [pdf], MARC Jr. Document Template [pdf], MARC Jr. Section Planning Worksheet [pdf]MARC Jr. Submission Form [doc]

 MARC Jr. Samples:


6. Leadership (coming soon)


7. Advocacy 


8. Collaboration

CN Articles: MA MODEL Matters

Monthly articles written by MA MODEL Institute Students - Check them out!


9. Systemic Change (coming soon)


10. RTTT (Race to the Top) Resources

Dr. Mary Czajkowski’s Spring 2014 Keynote [ppt]

Dr. Vivien Lee - 2011 Presentations:

  • Dr. Vivian Lee, Fall 2011 Keynoter, Keynote Description [HERE], Keynote [pdf], Data for Systematic Change [pdf], RTTT [pdf]
  • "Using Data to Advocate for Systemic Change" [pdf]
  • "Own the Turf: Using Data to Promote College & Career Readiness K-12" [pdf]
  • Collegeboard - "Connecting Data-Driven Goals to Action and Outcomes for Equity" [pdf]


11. Career Resources (see also lesson plans)

  • MA CDE Benchmarks to MassCIS Resources Crosswalk [doc]
  • Meeting the Goals of MA MODEL for School Counseling with MassCIS [ppt]
  • Career Videos - Katie Dawson - Dream Jobs video [HERE]
  • Mark Savickas, Career Resources (MASCA keynoter Sp. 2006 ) [HERE]
  • Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce [RSA]


12. Other Resources

  • ASCA Resources [HERE]
  • College Board Materials [HERE
  • YouTube Video Resources - A collection of videos from renowned educational leaders and speakers. Sir Ken Robinson, Tim Brown, Stuart Brown & more [HERE
  • Focus Western New England - Life After High School -WFCR News (2010-05-13) - Chris Soverow, school counselor, guest speak on local talk show. [radio show] 

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