The GOVERNMENT RELATIONS COMMITTEE -  Coordinating Membership Advocacy Efforts & Information

The MASCA Government Relations Committee is dedicated to promoting the Mass Model and ASCA National Model of school counseling as well as the overall health of the school counseling profession. 

The work of school counselors is vital to the well-being and success of students. Therefore our efforts are inherently linked to the future outcomes of students in Massachusetts.


School Counselor Advocacy & Member Participation

The Advocacy Committee serves as a coordinator of advocacy efforts and information. 
In order to have a real impact on policy, MASCA members must work together to:

  • Gather and disseminate relevant information
  • Create a dynamic communication & advocacy network
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders 



 College & Career Readiness

"Career readiness means an individual has the requisite knowledge, skills and experience in the academic, workplace readiness and personal-social domains to successfully navigate to completion an economically viable career pathway in a 21st century economy."



In order to make a difference at the policy level, we need to communicate with all stakeholders about what we do best.  School Counselors provide students with the support they need to stay focused on the task of learning.  Additionally, we prepare students for the work world in ways that are largely outside the purview of teachers and administrators.   

 The Joint Committee on Education needs to see school counselor committment and support for legislation!



If the House Representative or Senator, for the voting district you live or work in, is a member of the Joint Committee on Education, please make an extra effort to bring these bills to your Legislator’s attention. Additionally, please consider educating them about your role and offering them examples of how this will make a difference in their district schools.   

For contact information for members of the Joint Committee on Education, CLICK HERE. 



This is a good time to start contacting the state House Representative who represents your district. Call or make an appointment to: introduce yourself; find out about the education issues they are passionate about; find out what they know about school counseling; tell them about your work; and make sure they are aware of pending legislation.

 To find contact information for your state Senator or House Representative:



This is a good time to connect with your district Senator. Introduce yourself, find out about the education issues they are passionate about, find out what they know about school counseling, tell them about your work, and make sure they are aware of pending legislation. 

4. COLLABORATE with the MASCA Government Relations Committee

Forward relevant information to stakeholders. Report on steps you have taken in the Counselors Notebook.  Share research and real-life examples of what we are advocating for.  Submit press releases to local papers.  Bring news, legislators, and advocacy work to your affiliate.  Volunteer at advocacy events.  Help organize a lit drop at the State House.  Spearhead advocacy on school guidance counselor issues that you are passionate about.  Volunteer to help with Advocacy projects, and/or join the Committee.

5. BE the BUZZ 

Spread the word in whatever way you can: initiate discussions, submit information or related articles to school or professional newsletters, and feature information and links on websites. Encourage others to contact legislators and engage their network.


Ongoing Resources: 


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