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Affinity & Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Purpose of the SIGs

Special Interest Groups are designed to provide forums for members from various networks with shared interests in particular topics to gather to share ideas, discuss contemporary issues, and identify strategies for collaboration to support one another and move the field forward.  SIGs nurture the growing diversity within the association by providing small “micro” communities within which members can network and add value to their MASCA membership experience.  

SIG Leaders

The Special Interest Group key contacts will be known as the SIG Leaders. The SIG Leaders are chosen by the SIG members or self-identified by the group members and approved by the Executive Director.  SIG Leaders must be members of MASCA.  Each SIG is strongly encouraged to have at least two leaders (a leader and a co-leader).  Although there are no terms of office, the Member Services Committee will review the list of SIG Leaders annually to determine if they will continue in their positions.  SIG Leaders must agree to be proactive in engaging SIG members in networking and discussion throughout the year and to be responsive to requests for information about the SIG from MASCA staff and the Member Services Committee.

Forming a SIG

To gain recognition as a MASCA SIG, a group must submit a proposal to the MASCA Executive Director. The proposal must include:

       SIG mission statement articulating how the group furthers and promotes MASCA’s mission. SIGs formed for the discussion and/or promotion of a specific product or service will be discouraged.

       Identification of committed Leaders (ideally a leader and co-leader)

       Names of at least 10 MASCA members supporting the mission of the proposed SIG

       Examples of possible SIGs might include active retired, African American, Catholic counselors, charter schools, Latinx/Hispanic, LGBTQ, rural counselors, urban counselors and virtual counselors

Maintaining a Standing SIG

There are a few basic requirements for maintaining a SIG. If those requirements are not met, the Member Services Committee will review the SIG and its leadership to determine if there is still enough interest to continue the SIG and if the SIG requires new Leaders.  Each SIG will:

       designate leaders who are MASCA members

       hold a meeting and/or activity annually

       be required to submit an annual report to the Executive Director outlining the SIG activities for the year

Dissolving a SIG

SIGs out of compliance will be reviewed by the Member Services Committee to determine viability for continuation.

Possible SIG Activities

       Promotion of SIGs – New MASCA members will be invited to join the SIGs when they join MASCA

       Meetings at Annual Conference – MASCA will work with SIG’s interested in meeting to determine meeting space and time for SIGs to meet if interested

       MASCA website and Counselor’s Notebook – SIGs are encouraged to submit SIG activities to the SIG section of the MASCA website and the monthly Counselor’s Notebook

•       Identify and convey concerns and needs of the SIG to the MASCA Governing Board

Established SIGs

(Note: Access to SIG pages is restricted to MASCA members only.  You must be logged in to view the SIG pages.)


All Affinity Group and SIG-related questions should be directed to the MASCA Executive Director.

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MASCA deeply values its diverse membership and is fully committed to creating an organization where each individual is welcomed, included, respected and empowered.  No person will be excluded from MASCA on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation or military status, or for any other discriminatory reason. These activities include, but are not limited to, appointment of its Governing Board, hiring or firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and the providing of services.  This policy is fundamental to the effective functioning of MASCA as an organization that supports counselors and promotes equity in our schools, districts and the Commonwealth.

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