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Career Readiness

Resume Interview LP; HS
Effective Resume Writing LP; HS; C
Job Hunting Tips LP; HS; C
Supernova Goals LP; MS

Marc/Marc Jr.  

The MARC is a continuous improvement document that gives a school counseling program an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to achieving measurable student outcomes related to a district's goals and a way to effectively communicate results to the school community. 

The MARC Jr., on the other hand, is designed to be a simpler, introductory document to the process and requirements of MARC and to assist school counseling programs in working up to completing a MARC and applying for a MARC of Excellence award. 

MARC.Jr. Bullying Peer Pressure
E MARC Jr. Counseling Seminars HS
MARC Jr. Counseling
HS MARC Jr. Dropout Prevention HS
MARC Jr. Gr 9 Seminar 3 Lessons HS MARC Jr. Dropout Interventions HS
MARC Jr. RSTA Exploratory Career Planning HS MARC Jr. FirstGen Interventions HS
MARC Jr . AP- ILP-Naviance MS; HS MARC Jr. Freshman Seminar HS
MARC Jr. PBIS PAWS E MARC Jr. Gr. 9 Seminar HS 
MARC Jr. Bully Intervention E; MS; HS MARC Jr. Gr.9 Seminar. 3 Lessons HS
MARC Jr. CCR. Interests & Talents E; MS MARC Jr. Mass CIS HS
MARC Jr. Behavior E MARC Jr. Mass Core HS
MARC Jr. Bullying E MARC Jr. Naviance 1 HS
MARC Jr. PBIS Safe Schools E MARC Jr. Naviance 2 HS
MARC Jr. Soc Emot Curr E MARC Jr. Naviance 3 HS
MARC Jr. Soc Emot Curr E MARC Jr. Scholarships HS 
MARC Jr. Soc Emot Social Thinking Bucket Filling MARC Jr. Seminars Gr. 9-12 HS
MARC Jr. Teaching Social Skills E Marc Jr. Social.Emot. Health HS
MARC Jr. Soc Emot Self-Regulation E MARC Jr. MassCIS
MARC Jr. Soc Emot Lunchroom Behavior E MARC Jr. Managing Conflict
MARC Jr. Career Center at FHS HS MARC Jr. 7 Habits Lessons 1-4 MS
MARC Jr. Accuplacer Assessment HS  MARC Jr. 21st Century Skills MS
MARC Jr. Career Cruising HS MARC Jr. Attendance MS
MARC Jr. Career Decision Making HS MARC JR. CCR. Talents.Skills MS
MARC Jr. RSTA Exploratory Career Planning HS MARC Jr. Soc.Emot. Stress MS
MARC Jr. Tech Student Employment HS  MARC Jr. Transition to HS MS

School Counseling Department Annual Calendar

School Counseling Calendar Example 1 - Madison Park Technical VocationalHigh School  
School Counseling Calendar Example 2 - Quabbin Regional MHS

School Counseling Curriculum Maps  

Curriculum Map GNBVT  HS 
MP Curriculum Map HS

Grad Resources  (downloads)
MA Model is like a Good Lasagna   
Summary of 4 Grad Classes
CCR/MyCAP Scope and Sequence 

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MASCA deeply values its diverse membership and is fully committed to creating an organization where each individual is welcomed, included, respected and empowered.  No person will be excluded from MASCA on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation or military status, or for any other discriminatory reason. These activities include, but are not limited to, appointment of its Governing Board, hiring or firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and the providing of services.  This policy is fundamental to the effective functioning of MASCA as an organization that supports counselors and promotes equity in our schools, districts and the Commonwealth.

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